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From separate energy contracts to security through energy portfolio management

The owner of Slagerij Ten Brink (Butcher shop Ten Brink) always opted for annual energy contracts. Since COMCAM performs their energy portfolio management, many costs have been saved.

About the client

All products at Slagerij Ten Brink are kept in cold stores and display fridges, resulting in high energy consumption of some 50,000 to 60,000 kilowatts per year.

The challenge

Before the butcher shop became a COMCAM client in 2020, the owner opted for annual energy contracts. The owner strongly preferred a fixed price per kilowatt and was very hesitant about energy portfolio management.

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The solution

For the first year, COMCAM offered a one-year contract. After this, we started energy portfolio management. Eventually, this will provide many benefits for the butcher shop as energy prices rose significantly in 2021.

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