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Smart insight into energy consumption: cost savings for Koppejan Bakery

Bakkerij Koppejan (Koppejan Bakery) bakes bread and pastries day in, day out. The bakery does so in four large industrial gas ovens. Two ovens needed replacement. Which option provided the most efficiency: gas ovens or electric ovens? COMCAM offered advice.

Inzicht in energieverbruik door COMCAM - Bakkerij Koppejan

The client’s request

Based on COMCAM’s advice, Bakkerij Koppejan signed a five-year gas contract at a very low rate in 2020, saving the bakery over 300,000 euros. Two years later, the bakery came up with a follow-up question about two ovens that had to be replaced. What would be most advantageous: gas ovens, electric ovens or a combination?

The solution

COMCAM developed a method to calculate the cost per option in collaboration with Bakkerij Koppejan, which supplied the oven hours, the oven manufacturer, which provided the gas consumption per loaf of bread, and COMCAM, which merged this information with the contract prices.

Thanks to COMCAM’s advice, the client saved € 200,000 in three years.

This showed that installing gas ovens was by far the most advantageous option. The bakery saves € 200,000 over three years by investing in gas ovens compared to electric ovens.

COMCAM's advice is of great importance

During the advisory process, it became evident that a gas shortage might arise as supplies from Russia were cut off. Based on COMCAM’s advice, Bakkerij Koppejan decided to go for gas ovens after all because they were far more economical than electric ovens – a well-considered decision in which COMCAM’s advice played a significant role.

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