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Cost-saving by understanding energy consumption

COMCAM has been deploying Energy Portfolio Management for restaurant De Werf in Veere, The Netherlands, since 2017. An energy consumption analysis showed that they barely used one of the two gas connections. COMCAM realised a cost-saving solution.

Energiebesparing voor restaurant de Werf dankzij advies van COMCAM.

The challenge

Restaurant De Werf had two gas connections. The primary connection facilitated the kitchen. The second connection facilitated a small room with a hot water tap, central heating and radiator. COMCAM’s energy consumption analysis showed that 99 per cent of the gas was consumed in the kitchen. Yet De Werf was paying about 300 euros a year in fixed charges for the gas meter in the small room – a waste of money.

The solution

In the mid-2020s, the Dutch government made it possible to have gas meters removed free of charge. As soon as this became known, COMCAM took immediate action. COMCAM arranged for grid operator Stedin to remove the gas meter free of charge and install a branch towards the small room.

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COMCAM has also been performing private energy portfolio management for the two owners of De Werf since 2017.

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