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Energy analysis

A better energy strategy starts with a proper analysis. We do not only analyse your company’s energy consumption, but above all, we also analyse the energy market. We subsequently incorporate market insights into the strategy for your business.


Your future energy price

Harnessing energy opportunities by keeping a close eye on trends is what COMCAM does for you. Our portfolio managers look at historical data, combine it with their experience, and then predict what the energy market will do.

We predict what the energy market will do.

We estimate how primary factors affect your company’s energy expenses through a proprietary energy price forecasting model.

  1. We analyse your energy budget per business location.
  2. We align that with the company-wide budget.
  3. We link that to market-wide price trends.

This analysis is a complex but essential process regarding corporate energy procurement – it is the foundation of the energy strategy for your business.

energie analyse

Not one-off but continuous

At COMCAM, we don’t do one-off analyses. We constantly monitor trends in the energy market. This way, we can decide to act or not act at any given moment, depending on what is needed.

We constantly monitor trends in the energy market

At COMCAM, we procure energy directly from the energy exchange. We can immediately fix energy rates for you when the opportunity arises. This is how we ensure affordable energy – now and in the future.

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Energy Portfolio Management

Energy analysis is part of Energy Portfolio Management.Do check out the other components, from Analysis to Risk Management.



We develop a successful future-proof energy procurement strategy based on your energy consumption and requirements.


We manage energy profiles on various energy exchanges. We buy at the right time and at a favourable rate.

Risk management

COMCAM’s duty of care never stops. We ensure that energy risks for clients remain limited by analysing and acting strategically.


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