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Procurement strategy

We develop a successful future-proof energy procurement strategy based on your energy consumption and requirements.


Successful energy procurement

A successful energy strategy is all about the right contracts, suppliers, and timing.

You currently procure energy yourself or do so through an intermediary. You want a stable energy supply and low prices. But you also want to discover new energy opportunities and gain insight into the business opportunities of renewable energy.

COMCAM’s specialists develop a tailor-made energy strategy

  • We have access to all energy exchanges
  • We procure at the right time
  • Up to 5 years in advance

Energy procurement opportunities

Contract expiry dates and fiscal calendars should not drive energy procurement. Energy strategy should have your full attention. As a company, you want to be aware of energy deadlines, opportunities and risks.

COMCAM discovers often-overlooked energy-saving opportunities

We have listed some examples of energy-saving opportunities below.

  • Energy refunds and incentives
  • Regulated expenses
  • Energy bill audits for overcharges
  • Opportunities in the event of grid congestion
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energy markt inkoopstrategie

More than just procurement

Your energy management strategy will enable you to save energy in the short and long term. This strategy thus extends beyond energy procurement. We offer you some examples below.

  • Combine procurement with in-house energy generation or storage.
  • Make sure that marked prices are fixed at the right time.
  • Negotiate prices and save costs.
  • Combine company locations to procure more economically.
  • Encourage competition among energy suppliers.

Predict energy expenditure

COMCAM’s energy specialists analyse your consumption. They primarily focus on the past to discover consumption patterns and use a proprietary energy price forecasting model.

Does your company have multiple locations? We then analyse each site and combine the results. This way, we create a single company-wide budget.

We ensure that operational data forms the basis of your energy budget. As such, you can procure energy with confidence. COMCAM can procure your energy for you. Would you rather do it yourself? That is also possible.

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Energy Portfolio Management

An energy procurement strategy is part of Energy Portfolio Management. Do check out the other components.


Our specialists continuously review your company’s situation in the context of COMCAM’s energy market analyses.


We manage energy profiles on various energy exchanges. We buy at the right time and at a favourable rate.

Risk management

Our duty of care never ends. We permanently mitigate energy risks by strategically advising and acting if you are our client.


Contact us

We will discuss the possibilities of Energy Portfolio Management together. Our first conversation comes without obligations. Please call us at +31 118 760 760.


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