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At COMCAM, we give every company full access to the entire energy market, supported by portfolio managers with more than 15 years of experience.

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Full access to the energy exchange

We offer every entrepreneur access to the entire energy market. This lets you access affordable and stable rates for these entrepreneurs. Exactly how we procure energy varies from one company to another.

  • A combination of day-to-day rates
  • A fixed monthly or quarterly rate
  • A stable annual rate

Combining the options above is also possible. As such, you combine flexibility and security with the lowest possible rates.

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Over 15 years of trading experience

Our portfolio managers have more than 15 years of experience. Moreover, they are fully certified to trade on energy exchanges. We are happy to trade for you.

We manage energy profiles at multiple energy exchanges at favourable rates. If you prefer to procure energy yourself, we offer independent advice and arrange fixed-price contracts with a stable supplier.

We constantly monitor market trends. Read more about this under risk management

Advantages of trading via COMCAM

  • More than 15 years of experience in energy portfolio management
  • Fully certified portfolio managers
  • Direct procurement for delivery
  • Including energy feed-in
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Energy Portfolio Management

Trading is part of Energy Portfolio Management. Do check out the other components.


Our specialists continuously review your company’s situation in the context of COMCAM’s energy market analyses.

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Procurement strategy

We develop a successful future-proof energy procurement strategy based on your energy consumption and requirements.

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Risk management

Our duty of care never ends. We permanently mitigate energy risks by strategically advising and acting if you are our client.

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Contact us

We will discuss the possibilities of Energy Portfolio Management together. Our first conversation comes without obligations. Please call us at +31 118 760 760


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