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Onze klanten kunnen het beste zelf hun ervaring met onze service en aanpak van energie portfolio management vertellen. Bekijk ook onze klantcases. Hier lees je hoe we samen met de klant hun energiewensen- en vraagstukken hebben aangepakt. Van betaalbare energie tot en met ontzorging van veel energiezaken.


“Short lines of communication, advice at any level, expertise, no complicated stuff. Exactly what matters and not unimportantly, at a competitive rate. Precisely by looking ahead, assessing the market and acting accordingly.”

Eveline Kern


“COMCAM, highly recommended.”

Marco Hodde

“Thank you for your ever-professional help in these busy and bizarre energy times.”

Janis van Overveld

“It is nice that they take the time for you at COMCAM. They explore what they can do for you. This makes it very personal and makes you feel good.”

Edwin Marijs


“My account manager at COMCAM knows what we want as an organisation. He gets started right away and makes sure everything gets done.”

Nico Roozen


“We feel at home here and are not a number as we have experienced with others. They are easy to reach, can switch gears quickly and take care of us from A to Z.”

Pieter de Winter

“COMCAM has already saved me much money. Top company with expertise and excellent service.”

Jan de Visser