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Energy has a significant impact on your business operations. As an industrial enterprise, you want affordable energy and a stable supply. COMCAM works with you to build a future-oriented energy strategy.

Industry and energy

Your energy-related challenges

Each sector has its specific challenges and requirements regarding energy consumption. So does the industrial sector. Do you recognise the following questions?

  • Can I better align my energy consumption with my energy supply?
  • Will my energy supply remain steady in the future?
  • What will I save if rates are clicked smartly?
  • Does it make sense to switch from gas to electricity?
  • What opportunities does sustainable development of my business processes present?
  • How do I comply with laws and regulations?
  • What is the best procurement strategy for my CO2 allowances?

COMCAM answers these questions and, if you want this, helps you improve your energy situation. We do this through Energy Portfolio Management. We also offer advice tailored to your industrial enterprise.


Market developments

Industrial energy management

Global developments affect the energy price and supply for industrial enterprises. In uncertain times, the importance of good management is greater than ever. We highlight a few reasons.

  • Sector knowledge
    The energy sector is volatile. Companies need to monitor the energy market closely. Only by proactively responding to those developments can the energy supply remain affordable and steady.
  • Market uncertainties
    Availability, extraction, transport, economic policy, and war are just five factors that determine the availability and price of energy. Many uncertainties in the market quickly make an organisation lose track.
  • Energy transition
    Large and small industries in the Netherlands are transitioning to sustainable energy management. This is a challenge in which opportunities and obligations are constantly changing. Subsidies come and go. Regulations change or are tightened.
  • Joining forces
    It becomes important to act together to keep up with and act on all developments. Through joint procurement or infrastructure, new opportunities become visible.

COMCAM can advise on all these issues or even take on tasks entirely. Energy Portfolio Management is our expertise.


Energy and financing

For industrial enterprises, we collaborate with GETEC Benelux. GETEC specialises in sustainable energy solutions and guides the practical and financial transition from gas to electricity.

With GETEC, we explore the business opportunities of more sustainable energy sources. Our Energy Efficiency Scan maps the sustainability potential of all energy carriers. Among others, we integrate:

  • Laws and regulations
  • CO2 allowances
  • Reuse of residual flows such as heat and steam
  • Subsidy opportunities
  • Financing possibilities
Independent in energy


Our specialists have been managing energy procurement for businesses since 2010. We do this through Energy Portfolio Management. We perform energy analyses, offer advice, determine your strategy and, if needed, take care of your energy procurement.

Stable & Affordable

Do not worry about supply or costs. We achieve a stable energy supply and save costs.


We list the business opportunities the energy transition offers: sustainable energy generation, energy storage, subsidies and financing.


Our energy analysts monitor what is happening in the energy market 24/7. We share our insights with our clients.

Following laws and regulations

We apply current laws and regulations to the energy strategy for your business.

What our clients say

“Short lines of communication, advice at any level, expertise, no complicated stuff. Exactly what matters and not unimportantly, at a competitive rate. Precisely by looking ahead, assessing the market and acting accordingly.”

“Have been a client for years, to my complete satisfaction. Real specialists who give you relevant advice and offer significant savings on energy costs. They completely unburden you. Saving is so easy and carefree!”

“Your structurally independent advice in these turbulent energy times helps me tremendously in risk assessment of my energy procurement and sustainability choices.”

“Commitment, always accessible and quick service prevail. Our account manager is a top advisor!”

“COMCAM has already saved me much money. Top company with expertise and excellent service.”

“We feel at home here and are not a number as we have experienced with others. They are easy to reach, can switch gears quickly and take care of us from A to Z.”

“My account manager at COMCAM knows what we want as an organisation. He gets started right away and makes sure everything gets done.”

“It is nice that they take the time for you at COMCAM. They explore what they can do for you. This makes it very personal and makes you feel good.”

“Thank you for your ever-professional help in these busy and bizarre energy times.”

“COMCAM, highly recommended.”

“Short lines of communication, advice at any level, expertise, no complicated stuff. Exactly what matters and not unimportantly, at a competitive rate. Precisely by looking ahead, assessing the market and acting accordingly.”

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We will discuss the possibilities of Energy Portfolio Management for your industrial company. Our first conversation comes without obligations. Please call us at +31 118 760 760.


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