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Energy analysis & strategy

COMCAM continuously analyses the energy market. We combine market analyses with the characteristics of your business. We convert all these insights into an affordable, sustainable and secure energy supply – now and in the future.


What will you pay for your energy in 2 years?

Global trends relating to energy create uncertainty for companies. Doing business is about taking risks. But those risks must be manageable.

Thanks to our energy market analyses and experience, we at COMCAM can predict what the energy market will do with great certainty. This is the basis of our advice and strategy for companies.

energie analyse en strategie

Our proprietary energy forecasting model

We look at how to optimise energy supply and use through our energy price forecasting model combined with the factors below.

  1. Analysis of your energy budget per business location
  2. Alignment with the company-wide budget
  3. Linkage to the market-wide price trends

This process is complex yet necessary for procuring energy for businesses. It forms the foundation of the energy strategy for your business.

Client case Poultry Farm Wouters

“Can our current energy and gas contracts be optimised?” With that question, Poultry Farm Wouters came to COMCAM. Of course, this was possible. Within one year, the client saved € 25.000.

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Continuous analyses

At COMCAM, we don’t do one-off analyses. We constantly monitor trends in the energy market. This way, we can decide to act or not act at any given moment, depending on what is needed.

We constantly monitor trends in the energy market.

We can advise you regarding energy. But you can also outsource energy procurement to us. At COMCAM, we procure energy directly from the energy exchange. We can thus immediately fix energy rates for you once an opportunity arises.

Independent in energy


Our specialists have been managing energy procurement for businesses since 2010. We do this through Energy Portfolio Management. We perform energy analyses, offer advice, determine your strategy and, if needed, take care of your energy procurement.

Stable & Affordable

Do not worry about supply or costs. We achieve a stable energy supply and save costs.


We list the business opportunities the energy transition offers: sustainable energy generation, energy storage, subsidies and financing.


Our energy analysts monitor what is happening in the energy market 24/7. We share our insights with our clients.

Following laws and regulations

We apply current laws and regulations to the energy strategy for your business.

Energy analysis or strategy

COMCAM advises you on analysis and strategy. Our first conversation comes without obligations. You can also call us at +31 118 760 760 .


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