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Dutch and European energy subsidies

Multiple subsidies are available within the energy market. We make sure you keep an overview and qualify for the right subsidy. We also advise you on fiscal energy-saving opportunities.

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Energy subsidies

Numerous energy subsidies are available in the Netherlands. Dutch and European energy subsidies reduce your monthly energy expenses.

When will you receive energy subsidies?

Whether or not you qualify for any of the available subsidies depends on many things:

  • The sector in which you work
  • Your current financial situation
  • The type of subsidy you are interested in
  • The scale of your investment

At COMCAM, we know Dutch and European energy subsidies for every sector. Please get in touch with us for the possibilities or call +31 118 760 760.

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Dutch energy subsidies

  • WBSO: Wet Bevordering Speur- en Ontwikkelingswerk (Research and Development Promotion Act)
    Fiscal support for research and development projects.
  • MOOI: Missiegedreven Onderzoek, Ontwikkeling en Innovatie (Mission-driven Research, Development and Innovation)
    Development of cheaper, climate-neutral and/or circular products or services that will have their first Dutch industry application in or before 2030.
  • TSE Industrie: Topsector Energiestudies Industrie (Top sector Industrial Energy Studies)
    Feasibility studies for innovative pilot or demo projects.
  • DEI+: Demonstratie Energie- en Klimaatinnovatie (Energy and Climate innovation Demonstration)
    Innovative pilot and demo project in which the applied innovative technology can contribute to reducing CO2 emissions.
  • HER+: Hernieuwbare Energietransitie (Renewable Energy Transition)
    Innovative projects aimed at CO2 reduction by 2030. For most categories, projects must also lead to cost reduction. This contributes to saving future subsidy expenditures.
  • SDE++: Stimulering Duurzame Energieproductie en Klimaattransitie (Incentive for Sustainable Energy production and Climate transition)
    Subsidy to make the unprofitable top profitable again. This top will arise if industries adopt new technologies or sustainable energy carriers to reduce CO2 emissions – market introduction.
  • VEKI: Versnelde klimaatinvesteringen Industrie (Accelerated Industrial Climate investments)
    Investment scheme for proven innovative CO2-reducing measures in which the recoup period without subsidy would be more than five years.
  • MIA/Vamil: Milieu-investeringsaftrek/Willekeurige afschrijving milieu- investeringen (Environmental investment deduction/ Indiscriminate deduction of environmental investments)
    Roll-out of technologies that lead to environmental gains, for example, circular economy or BioBased Economy, and help reduce greenhouse gases.
  • EIA: Energie-investeringsaftrek (Energy investment deduction)
    Market introduction/deployment of technologies/devices leading to energy saving and/or CO2 reduction. Supporting a study is also possible (CO2 reduction plan).
  • DUMAVA: Duurzaam maatschappelijk vastgoed (Sustainable social real estate)
    Contributions towards the costs of making existing social real estate such as schools, government buildings, healthcare facilities and national monuments more sustainable.

In addition, you can often find regional subsidies from the municipality and/or province. We make sure you keep track of and qualify for the right subsidy.

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European Energy subsidies

  • CEF Transport: Connecting Europe Facility Transport
    Aimed at improving the trans-European transport network.
  • FIT: Fast Track to Innovation
    Subsidy for partners from at least three countries to give an innovative product, process or service the final push to the European market.
  • Horizon Europe
    Horizon 2021 – 2027 is an ambitious European research and development programme for a wide range of topics.
  • Horizon Green Deal
    A major European research and development programme for making Europe more sustainable.
  • Innovation Fund 
    New European grant programme aimed at large and highly innovative CO2-reducing projects.
  • Interreg
    Collaboration between neighbouring European regions on many topics.
  • JTI Fuel Cells Hydrogen
    Public-private partnership on hydrogen and fuel cells.
  • LIFE
    European Programme for Environment, Sustainability, Climate, Nature and Biodiversity.

Want to discover which subsidies you are eligible for? Please get in touch.

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