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Corporate sustainability

At COMCAM, we view sustainability as a way of doing business. With a clear sustainability strategy, your energy supply becomes steady, independent and affordable. Current subsidy opportunities make sustainability a unique, great opportunity.

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COMCAM sees sustainability as a business opportunity. A sustainable strategy makes supply steady, energy affordable and your business independent.

At 40% of all companies, sustainability is not embedded in their energy outlook – a missed opportunity. Sustainability offers genuinely smart business opportunities. Sustainable choices are therefore embedded in COMCAM’s Energy Portfolio Management.

  1. Become more independent
    Being in control of your energy supply makes you independent. The volatile energy market lowers its grip on your business.
  2. Stabilise your energy expenses
    With energy generated in-house, you are familiar with its expenses. It is a stable factor in your portfolio.
  3. Take advantage of subsidies
    Governments need to become more sustainable. Current energy investment subsidies are high. Do take advantage of them.
  4. Comply with environmental legislation
    Companies have to meet increasingly stringent sustainability requirements. Make sure you keep up with national laws and regulations.
  5. Stay client-focused
    Clients are looking more and more critically at companies that fail to become more sustainable. Invest in sustainability in a client-focused manner.

Client case office building

Multiple companies use a shared office building with a large roof. They want to use the rooftop to generate energy using solar panels. All companies have separate energy meters. What are the possibilities?

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Eight business advantages

Below are the eight business benefits of working sustainably.

  1. Discover new energy sources
  2. Improve operating margins
  3. Reduce business risks
  4. Generate in-house or procure renewable energy
  5. Reduce your CO2 emissions
  6. Leverage competitive advantages
  7. Increase environmental awareness among staff
  8. Actively work on your reputation with clients

The business opportunities of sustainability are integrated by default in COMCAM’s Energy Portfolio Management.

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Independent in energy


Our specialists have been managing energy procurement for businesses since 2010. We do this through Energy Portfolio Management. We perform energy analyses, offer advice, determine your strategy and, if needed, take care of your energy procurement.

Stable & Affordable

Do not worry about supply or costs. We achieve a stable energy supply and save costs.


We list the business opportunities the energy transition offers: sustainable energy generation, energy storage, subsidies and financing.


Our energy analysts monitor what is happening in the energy market 24/7. We share our insights with our clients.

Following laws and regulations

We apply current laws and regulations to the energy strategy for your business.

Corporate sustainability

We advise you on economically smart corporate sustainability efforts. Our first conversation comes without obligations. Please call us at +31 118 760 760 or use the contact form.

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